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Capturing The Blossoming Love in a Stunning Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Your excitement is building up, and so is ours! Do not hide the wedding glow. Book the best pre-wedding photoshoot and let everyone witness the sparkling chemistry between the two! 

Prism Cinema: The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Studio in Melbourne

Welcome to Prism Cinema, Melbourne’s much-loved pre-wedding photography studio. Why? Well, we have successfully covered many big fat Indian weddings, from pre-wedding functions to bridal shoots and grand nuptials.

All the pomp and show Indian weddings are known for. Our photographers have shot it all without missing out on the fleeting yet precious moments and emotions.

It is not about simply documenting the days leading to the wedding. But capturing your undeniable comfort and chemistry in Melbourne’s popular locations.

Slow down and truly enjoy the experience with the best pre-wedding photographers. Schedule a consultation and embark on an exciting journey with us.

Why Prism Cinema Over Other Pre-Wedidng Photographers in Melbourne?

No wedding is complete without a photoshoot. Discover what Prisma Cinema photographers bring to the table.

 Find out what we have up our sleeves

Curated Experience

We curate a photoshoot experience that speaks of your journey so far.  From romantic sunsets and rustic countryside to the heart of the city, we click stunning shots that reflect your genuine love and emotions towards each other. Invite your family, friends, or even your pooch to join!


Our pre-wedding photographers are not just skilled professionals; they are storytellers with a keen eye for detail. The stolen glances, the candid fun, the uncontrollable laughter, and the overwhelming moments with family and friends. Nothing escapes our cameras!


Your pre-wedding photos aren’t meant to hide in the photo albums. Use the images on your wedding invitations and reception displays. Don’t settle for anything less than the best photoshoot and videography and set the tone for the grand wedding celebrations.

Our Melbourne Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Services

At Prism Cinema, we capture the journey to your wedding with our photoshoot services in Melbourne. Let’s uncover some of the popular options available for couples.

Engagement Photoshoot

Congratulations! You’ve exchanged rings, what next? Do not miss the opportunity and schedule engagement photography before the wedding day! Capture candid and posed shots that showcase the couple’s bond, personalities, and the joy of their upcoming union

Save the Date Photoshoot

Planning to announce your wedding date to the world? Do it with a personalized “Save the Date” photoshoot! Usually features the couple in an element of happiness and excitement, requesting their family and friends to reserve the date in their calendar.

Location Photoshoot

Melbourne has a plethora of locations for pre-wedding photoshoots such as the Carlton Garden, South Melbourne Town Hall, and Brighton Beach.  Capture breathtaking shots that speak of their genuine love and affection towards each other.

Conceptual or Themed Shoot

Let’s recreate your love story via interesting themed pre-wedding shoots. Get inspiration from old movies, cultures, fairy tales, or any creative yet insane idea the couple suggests. A truly remarkable and memorable photoshoot for people in love!

Candid or Lifestyle Shoot

Capturing the couple’s authentic emotions, interactions, and everyday moments with candid photography. Select the location such as popular cafes, markets, beaches or streets. A more relaxed and unscripted couple photoshoot.

Adventure or Destination Shoot

Capture the essence of the couple’s pre-wedding journey in Melbourne’s scenic and picturesque landscapes. Ranging from beautiful beaches, coastal areas to lush forests, charming countryside, and renowned landmarks. Select the one for you.

How Pre-Wedding Photoshoots Work?

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Engagement photography takes place after a couple gets engaged, typically in the months leading up to the wedding. It focuses on capturing the love and excitement between the engaged couple. Couples may or may not choose to dress up for the photoshoot. 

Whereas pre-wedding photography takes place before the wedding day, usually a few months or weeks in advance.  It focuses on couples expressing their style, personality, and love story through stunning visuals. Couples often spend generous time in planning their outfits, hair, makeup, and accessories.

Yes. Prism Cinema is always prepared for contingencies. We always carry a second camera, flash units, memory cards and lenses.

We share the photoshoot in high-resolution JPEG images.  All the images are colour, brightness and contrast adjusted and corrected if necessary. They are print-ready and can be shared on social media sites.

The unedited files can be made available a few days after the photoshoot. We will share the edited images via an online gallery within the next 2-3 weeks after all the editing and retouching. 

A typical pre-wedding photoshoot can last from a couple of hours to upto 10-12 hrs.  This entirely depends on the couple’s choice. 

Yes, of course. Prism Cinema has shot in many popular locations, including Carlton Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, Victoria Barracks, and South Melbourne Town Hall. We are happy to add more to the list. Let’s hop on a call and work out the best photoshoot location for you.

Yes, absolutely. Our photographers are flexible to travel anywhere in Melbourne. However, you may have to pay for the travelling. If it’s a destination wedding, you will be expected to cover the fares for our teams travel expenses.

We suggest the couple choose two or more outfits for their pre-wedding shoots. It can vary from formal to casual or something totally different. Having said that, you should be comfortable in whatever outfit you choose.

Yes, absolutely. Our photoshoot packages can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Let’s meet up and put together the best package for you.