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50+ Modern Indoor Pre-Wedding Photography Ideas

  • Gone are the days of traditional wedding photos; nowadays, pre wedding photography is all the rage. Couples are looking for more creative and modern ways to capture their love story before the big day. Pre wedding shoots have become a rising trend among couples who are getting ready to say “I do”. With modern pre wedding shoot ideas, you can make sure your special day is even more memorable. Whether you want something fun, romantic or unique, there are plenty of pre wedding photography ideas out there that can help you capture your love story in the most beautiful way possible.

With the right pre wedding photographer and some beautiful ideas, couples can capture stunning images that will make their wedding day even more special. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing 35+ modern pre wedding photography ideas for couples to help you make your day even more special. Let’s take a look!

Once in a while, Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale

Themed Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Pre wedding shoots are no longer just about clicking pictures in pretty locations. Couples now prefer to add a personal touch to their pre wedding photographs by including themed shoots. These photoshoots are generally themed around the couple’s relationship and story. For example, you can create a library-themed shoot with vintage costumes, or an 80s-themed one with outrageous costumes!


Here are some ideas you can use for your themed pre-wedding photoshoot:


Indian Pre-Wedding Photoshoot – Go for an authentic Indian look with Indian sarees, suits, and traditional jewellery.

Adventure Photoshoot – Get creative with props and costumes in a great outdoor setting and go on a unique adventure.

Movie-Themed Photoshoot – Recreate a classic movie scene or go all out with a blockbuster-inspired photoshoot.

‘Friends’ or ‘The Office’ – Dunder Mifflin this is Pam! You can dress up as your favourite characters and recreate your favourite scene from your favourite tv series. My eyes! My eyes! Oh, my eyes! (in a good way)

Costume Party – Host a costume party and have your pre wedding photoshoot around it. This can be a great way to add some fun and unique elements to your photos.

Sports Photoshoot – If you’re a sports enthusiast, then why not use that as inspiration for your pre wedding photoshoot?

Old Is Gold – Recreate classic pre wedding photography poses like walking hand in hand, embracing each other on a beach or in a field of wildflowers.

Superheroes Saves The Day – Dressing up as superheroes for a quirky pre wedding shoot.

Go For Large Portraits – Capture the best of you two with a portrait-style shoot.

Embrace Natural Vibes – Visit a photogenic area of Melbourne and take some photos of you interacting with the environment.

When The Whole City Is Your Backdrop – A romantic evening shoot with city skyline and fairy lights.

When in doubt, Go Retro Classic – Opt for vintage style clothing and props for a timeless look.

Have a ‘Pawfect’ Shoot – Bring along a beloved pet for some funny and cute shots.

Have a Fairytale Romance – A fairytale-inspired shoot in an enchanted forest.

Monumental Pose, eh? – Strike a pose in front of famous landmarks like the Opera House or the Eiffel Tower.

Home Is Where Comfort Is – Shoot in the backdrop of your own hometown to make it extra special.

Black N White Never Gets Old – Get some black and white photos taken for an artistic touch.

Go For A Picnic – Have a picnic in a picturesque park for a sweet and nostalgic shot.

La La Land, anyone? – Capture the moment under the starry night sky.


The best part about these themed pre wedding shoots is that you can use props and poses that reflect your relationship. Themed pre wedding photography is a great way to get creative and capture some unique and special memories that you will cherish for years to come. Book one of the best pre wedding photographers for candid shots of you two in action!


Indoor Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas

For those who would rather capture their pre wedding love story within the confines of a room, an indoor shoot is a way to go. From aesthetically pleasing decor to creative props, there are endless ideas for an unforgettable shoot indoors. Indian pre wedding photography is one style that’s becoming increasingly popular due to its vivid colours and intricate details. 


Think beyond the usual shots in front of the fireplace. Set up special scenes with props such as garlands and beautiful fabrics. Place paper fans, balloons, or fairy lights to create a whimsical atmosphere and evoke certain emotions in the photos. You don’t need to worry about the weather going against your plans either!

Channelize Your Inner Indian ‘ness’ – Capture the vibrancy of India in your pre wedding photoshoot – think sarees, shawls, and beautiful fabrics! 

Lights Will Guide You Home – Let the natural light of your home make its way into your pictures with a romantic window-light shot. 

Kitchen To The Rescue – Stage a playful kitchen scene with you two in a cozy embrace. 

Books Are Man’s Best Friend – Strike a pose with classic bookshelves in the background – a timeless look for pre wedding photography. 

Find An Old Staircase – Strike a playful pose against an old staircase for a vintage touch. 

Add Warmth To Your Pre Wedding Shoot – Take a selfie shot against the fireplace – a great idea for pre wedding photography in Melbourne! 

Go Quirky – Have fun with polaroids and other props for a quirky touch. 

Bring Out Your Inner Romeo N Juliet – Reenact a scene from your favourite movie with classic cinematic poses. The famous balcony scene from Romeo N Juliet, anyone? 

Pop Out The Props – A living room filled with balloons can bring out the joy of your pre wedding shoot. Paper Pauper – Strike a dreamy pose against wallpaper adorned walls. 

Dim That Bulb – Create a cozy romantic atmosphere at home by dimming the lights and adding candles.

Paint The Town Colourful – Use coloured walls to create interesting backgrounds – mint green looks amazing!

Go Traditional – Strike some traditional poses against a colourful backdrop – the perfect choice for Indian pre wedding photography. 

Balconies Are Always Cinematic – Sneak away to your balcony for some intimate shots under the stars. 

If Luxury Is Your Choice – Soft focus on the two of you amidst luxurious decor and fancy furniture. It Takes Two To Tango (literally!) – Strike creative poses against intricate mirror work to create magical shots. 

Take It To The Bedroom – Glam up your bedroom with props and set the tone for a dramatic pre wedding shoot. 

Fairylights All The Way – Decorate your bedroom with fairy lights and create a surreal setting. 

Drape It Cutely – Hang some soft drapes to create an elegant backdrop for your pictures. 

Don’t forget the little details – consider getting creative with posters and other decorations.

For couples in Melbourne, you can find some of the best pre wedding photographers to help bring your visions to life. Find a professional pre wedding shoot photographer who has an eye for details and can make even the most mundane of settings appear special.

Let’s Wrap It Up

When it comes to capturing your pre-wedding moments, Prism Cinema is the best wedding photographer in Melbourne. Our 15+ years of expertise and innovative styles make us the perfect choice for any couple looking for modern, high-quality pre-wedding photos. Whether you’re after traditional poses or unique themed shoots, Prism Cinema offers a wide range of options. We even specialize in Indian pre-wedding photo shoots, so you can surely capture those special cultural moments. With Prism Cinema as your pre-wedding photographer, you can rest assured that your photos will be timeless and capture the joyous celebration of your love.